My website is showing a blank page.

The most common cause of a blank, white page on an x10Hosting website is a fatal PHP error encountered while processing the web request.

Cause: PHP Fatal Error

In some cases it is possible for a web hosting account to have its PHP display_errors configuration set to hide PHP errors from website visitors. If a fatal error occurs, and this option disabled, the result is a blank page. A common cause of a blank page is a PHP syntax error (such as a typographical error) in a user's PHP script edited by hand. If you're suddenly experiencing a blank page after making a change to a PHP script this is the most likely cause.

If you're receiving a blank white page while visiting your website built with PHP you should verify that your display_errors setting is enabled.

This feature is only available from the cPanel x3 theme. Learn More

  1. To do so, simply access cPanel and navigate to the Select PHP Version icon.
  2. There you'll find a link at the upper-right corner labeled Switch to PHP Settings.
  3. At this PHP Settings page you may update your PHP display_errors setting to On, allowing PHP errors to be output on your website.
  4. Click Apply after changes, and then click Save at the bottom.
  5. Reload the website page and view any PHP errors shown.

Note: We recommend leaving display_errors set to Off (i.e., PHP errors hidden) when you are not actively developing your website. This prevents your visitors from possibly seeing any PHP errors.

Cause: Other

If you are still receiving a blank page and you have display_errors enabled, verify that your file is not actually empty from an upload or editing mistake.

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