Affiliate Program Overview

x10Hosting offers a rewarding and profitable affiliate program that is open to everyone, a hosting account is not required to participate. A brief overview of the affiliate system and sign-up link can be found here:

How much you earn

We pay not only for free hosting sign ups, we also pay you again if your referral upgrades their free hosting plan or purchases any other paid products. Free hosting sign ups are split into two categories based off the country of sign up, your account will be credited at the 7 day and 90 day mark for free hosting sign ups as shown below.

Group A United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom
  • $0.25 upon referral account signup
  • $0.75 after referral active for 90 days
  • Total Possible: $1.00 USD per referral
Group B All other countries
  • $0.15 upon referral account signup
  • $0.35 after referral active for 90 days
  • Total Possible: $0.50 USD per referral

This means we pay a flat fee for every person you refer that signs up and has an active account in good standing for 7 days, if that account makes it to 90 days and is still in good standing you will receive a second payout. Some examples of how much you would make in different scenarios can be found at the bottom of this article.

Premium and VPS Services:

We pay a flat fee of $25 per premium hosting or VPS sign up you send our way, this can be a free hosting customer upgrading to premium or a direct premium hosting sign up. There is no expiration on upgrades, if a free hosting user you referred upgrades a year later you will still be credited for that upgrade. In order to receive credit the person must have an active premium or VPS account for 90 days.

Referring Affiliates:

We also allow you to refer affiliates to us and pay you for it. This means for every affiliate you refer to us you make 10% of what they earn. This 10% does not come from their earnings, we pay it on top of what they make to you for referring them. So if you referred 100 users to our affiliate program and they make a combined total of $10,000 you would get $1,000 just for referring them.

Prime Upgrades:

Check back soon for more information.

Domain Purchases:

Check back soon for more information.


We will provide some examples below to give a better expectation of possible earnings.

For illustration purposes, Group A compromises of the countries: United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. Group B is comprised of all other countries allowed to use the service, which are not listed in Group A.

1. If you refer 50 people from countries in Group A you would receive $12.50 after 7 days and $37.50 after 90 days for a total of $50 at the 90 day mark. This is assuming all 50 referrals had an active account at the 90 day mark.

2. If you refer 100 people from countries in Group B you would receive $15 after 7 days and $35 after 90 days for a total of $50 at the 90 day mark. Again, this is assuming all 100 referrals kept an active account in good standing.

3. For this example, let's assume 50% of the people you refer make it past the 7 days but decide being a webmaster is not from them and let their accounts lapse before 90 days. If you referred 100 people from both Group A and Group B (200 total) this is how it would work out: after 7 days you would receive $40, at the 90 day mark you would receive $55 for a total of $95.

4. For this example we're going to use some larger numbers for a longer length of time. Let's say for this whole year you referred 1,000 people with a 50/50 mix from Group A and Group B, 5% upgraded to a premium hosting account and 50% of them made it to the 90 day mark on free hosting. Your earnings would look like this for the year: $200 for making it to 7 days on free hosting, $550 for 50% of them making it to 90 days, and finally $1,250 for the 5% that upgraded to premium hosting. This would give you a yearly affiliate income of $2,000 for every 1,000 free hosting users you referred to us.

The examples above are designed to give some general estimates of possible earnings and do not guarantee any specific amount. The quality of leads you refer will have the largest impact on your earnings. Referring people that are interested in making a website or interested in web design will increase the likelihood of them keeping their account or upgrading to a paid service.


Our payout minimum is just $10, once you reach this minimum we will pay it out to you within the first week of the following month. So if on the 25th of the month you hit $10 in affiliate income you will be paid by the 7th of the following month. We are willing to use other methods of payment besides Paypal but they will require a minimum payout of $100. This includes check, Skrill, Western Union, etc. Please contact us for information or questions about these other methods of payment. If you do a fantastic job referring users to us and are making money consistently we may require you to fill out a W9 tax form, we will contact you if or when this is needed. A W9 will generally be required when you get close to $600 in earnings.

Disputes or Uncredited Referrals

We will do our best to ensure all records are accurate and all referrals are accounted for properly. If you believe you have not been credited properly or a credit was removed improperly please contact us to open up a dispute. All disputes and complaints for our affiliate program are taken seriously and will be investigated thoroughly. In the case you are opening a dispute please provide any information or logs to help your claim. We will provide a detailed explanation including any log or referral data that we have access to in order to resolve the dispute. Please note, we are not able to provide any personally identifiable information about our customers, even if you referred them to us.

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