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With cPanel, there are a couple of ways you can force your domain to redirect to another. After adding a domain to your account, you can set up the redirection either via "Redirects" under the Domains category or via the Addon/Parked Domains, where you can also manage the redirects for any domains.

This feature is only available from the cPanel x3 theme. Learn More

Setting Up a Redirection

To set up a redirection, log into your cPanel and look for "Redirects" under the "Domains" category. At the top of the following page, you'll be able to set up a redirect for any domain that you have added to your web hosting account. When setting up a redirection, you'll be able to choose what type you want it to be: permanent or temporary. A permanent redirect will notify any visitor's browsers to update any bookmarks that are related to the page that it is being redirected. Temporary redirects will not notify the browser, and therefore will not update the bookmarks.

The second drop down menu will have a list of your domains that are added to your web hosting account. You will need to choose the one you want to create a redirect for, and the first blank field will also give you the option to choose a specific directory/file to redirect ( such as ). The next blank field you will fill in the exact address that you would like the domain to redirect to, including http:// or https://.

The last two things you'll have to do when creating a redirection is choosing to have the domain to redirect with www. , without www. , or with either www. or without www. . The final option is if you want the redirect to be a "Wildcard". Select the Wildcard Redirect checkbox to redirect all of the files in a directory to the same filename in the redirected directory. Now you can click "Add" and you'll have created a redirect for your domain!

Further down on the page you will see any current redirects that exist on your account. You'll be able to delete any redirections here if you wanted to.

Managing Redirects

You can easily manage an existing redirection on your cPanel via the "Addon Domain" or "Parked Domain" options under the Domains category. Find the domain that you want to update the redirection for, and under actions you'll see the options to either remove the redirection or manage it. Click on "Manage Redirection" and you'll be brought to another page where you'll be able to modify any existing redirection (or add one).

You will have less options for adding a redirection if you choose to add it this way. Once on this page, you'll be able to change the URL that the domain redirects to or disable the redirection. Once you have updated the URL, click on "save" and cPanel will update the redirection.

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