Creating an email account

Adding email accounts is simple! Just follow these steps.

Log into your account at Once here you can click on the 'Email Accounts' tab, then '+Add Email Account'

From here all you need to do is fill out the new user information and click the '+Add Email Account' button at the bottom of the page. You can select a maximum email box size or leave it unlimited.

Now we can see the account has been created. From here you can click 'Access Webmail', you will be prompted for the password to log in. From this area you can also click the gear to change the settings of the account including the password.

If you would like to access your email from anywhere you can simply use your domain with the port :2096 added to the end of it. Example:

Here you will be prompted for the username and password.

When you have entered your username and password or have clicked the 'Access Webmail' link from the previous screen you will see the following page where you can select what mail client you would like to use. You may also select 'Enable Autoload' to load your favorite client by default.

If you have any trouble following the instructions or have received a error please visit our community forums for additional support.

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