Server error messages explained

If you are receiving an unexpected error message when navigating to your website, this page may help in identifying the cause. If you're unable to resolve this issue yourself please post on our community forum for additional assistance.

403 Forbidden

  • Your files or directories may have incorrect permissions. You can manage permissions from within the cPanel File Manager or through FTP. All files should have permissions of 644, and directories should be 755.
  • A rule in your .htaccess file might be denying your request.
  • Your request might be being blocked by mod_security because it looks suspicious. Please post on the forum.

500 Internal Server Error

  • There might be a syntax error in your .htaccess file. Please try renaming your .htaccess file to see if this is the case. This could also be related to a PHP error and is commonly caused by older out of date scripts.

503 Backend Fetch Failed

  • Your script might have failed to respond to your request within 30 seconds.
  • The web server might be temporarily having issues. Please create a thread on the forum with what page caused the issue and at what time it occurred.

508 Resource Limit Hit

  • Your account has hit the CPU, RAM or process limit. This automatically resets in an hour.
If you are still having issues, please create a thread on our community support forum. Include as much information as you can such as the page having the issue, what you were doing when it happened and what time it happened at.

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