How can I restore files for my website?

With x10Hosting, you can easily restore any file or directory that you may need. If you ever find that you accidentally deleted the wrong file, or that an update to a plugin or your CMS broke your website, you won't have to worry about when you made your last backup.

Reviewing Backup Recovery Points

cPanel Basic theme: After logging into your hosting account, you'll see a list of your websites. Across from the "My Websites" header, you will see two buttons: Access Backups and Add Website. Select the Access Backups button.

cPanel X3 theme: After logging in select the R1Soft Restore Backups icon.

Once you're viewing the Backup Manager interface you'll see a list of the available backup points for your account. You are able to navigate into your free hosting account's home directory and all sub directories using the Browse folder icon next to a respective point.

Backup Frequency and Availability

We backup all free web hosting servers once per day. We retain recovery points for the most recent 30 days. You are able to browse and restore from any of the available days (recovery points).

Please note that we do not guarantee the availability of backups. While we strive to ensure proper operation of the backup schedules we do strongly recommend that you also maintain your own account backups at your own storage locations.

Restoring Files or Directories

After clicking on "Access Backups", you will be brought to a new page. Here you will see a list of available restore points. Find the date that you would like to restore your website or files from and click on the first small icon, browse, to the right of the page.

A popup will appear with your root directory, double click on "Home" and you will be brought to that directory and all of the subdirectories and files that are in the home directory.

Find the directory or files that you would like to restore, and click on the check box to the left of their name. You may restore more than one directory or file at a time. Once you have selected all of the files or directories that you would like to restore, click on the "Restore Selected" button at the top of the pop up. You will receive a warning that any files being restored will overwrite any existing files. If this is fine with you, please select "Restore" and another popup will appear.

This popup will have information about the restoration process and will let you know once the restoration is complete. You have now successfully restored your files with x10Hosting, and you should be able to see any of the pages/websites you have restored.

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