How to upload files.

You can upload files to your account by using either FTP or the cPanel File Manager.

Connecting to FTP

By default an FTP account is created with the same username and password as your cpanel account.

FTP is the best option when uploading lots of files to your free hosting account. Before using FTP, you will need to download an FTP client. While we do not support or endorse a specific client, FileZilla is a popular option.

Your FTP client will ask for the host, username, password and port. Your "host" is the same as your account's domain name, and your username and password are the same as your cPanel credentials. FTP runs on the default port of 21.

Once you are connected, you should then be able to access all the files in your hosting account. Remember that all your website files must be placed within the public_html/ directory to be accessed by your domain.

Using cPanel File Manager

The cPanel File Manager is useful for quickly managing the files in your hosting account, and allows you to upload individual files.

x10Hosting Basic

Please click the "File Manager" icon under the website that you would like to manage. You will be instantly taken to the File Manager, where you can upload individual files by choosing the "Upload" icon at the top.

cPanel x3

Please click the "File Manager" icon on your cPanel home screen. You may be asked to select the directory you would like to enter. Choose "Web Root" to be taken directly to your public_html directory, where your website files need to be uploaded. If you would like to reveal hidden files, such as the .htaccess file, check "Show Hidden Files (dotfiles).

Once you have entered the File Manager, you can upload individual files by choosing the "Upload" icon at the top.

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