Using the automated script installer to install Wordpress

You've managed to sign up for free hosting and now you're ready to use our automated script installer, the below guide will show you what to do.

First log into your account at

The main page you will be brought to is our basic dashboard shown below. If you are familiar with cPanel and would like to jump right in you can select 'Switch to cPanel' from the 'Switch Theme' option at the top of the page but for this guide we will keep it simple with the basic theme. Next you'll need to click the 'Add Website' button.

From this page you can add a custom site, use our site builder option or install helpful scripts such as WordPress to help you control your website. The site builder is a great easy to use tool to make a simple website even if you are not familiar with web design, but for this tutorial we are going to install the most widely used content management system available today, WordPress. For this you will need to click on the 'Software / Script Installer' button.

On this page you will select WordPress from the drop down menu. Now we need to select a few options before starting the install. There are only a couple of things we want to change and that is the username and password. If you use the default username and password anyone who has installed WordPress before will know how to log into your account! You should also enter a valid email that you have access to. You will use this to reset the admin password if needed. Finally click install.

Once the installation has finished you will be given a link to the website URL as well as a button to return to the website management page.

You can log into the admin by adding /wp-admin to the end of your domain name. Example:

Once there you can log into WordPress as the administrator where you can start building your very own custom site!

Congratulations! You have made your very own website with x10 hosting!

If you have any trouble with any step in this guide please visit our online community and post in our forums for assistance using the following link.

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